Blogger's block

A blogger must blog
each day and all night,
ignoring the clock
for his LCD backlight.

If he curls
to sleep
a little too deep,
he misses URLs.

So, he logs,
all that rocks
his socks.

Another post
ups to his host.

He blinks.
Then sees sudden, new links.
that weren't there before.
They're dated more
than two minuted ago.
He is getting too slow.

New browser tabs reach
one link each
He can hardly follow,
with eyes getting hollow.

He forgot to comment
with his two cent
about a matter
to the latter.

On to write
about another site,
as of jet unblogged,
he finds his mind locked.

Not a thought can get free.
All he can see
with his eyes gotten red
is his empty bed.

He slows down
and writes in his blog
that he'll drown
if his mind doesn't unlock.

What is this?
Did he just miss
more than one link
during a single blink?

It can't be right
that it has gotten light!
Not a blink devours
eight complete hours!

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