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BNF is an acronym for "Backus Naur Form". John Backus and Peter Naur introduced for the first time a formal notation to describe the syntax of a given language.


BNF diagrams & and BNF definitions for some PL's.

a short article that attempts to explain what BNF is, based on message <> posted to comp.text.sgml on 16.Jun.98.

Fully fledged railroad diagram drawing tool which translates grammars in EBNF to Postscript or Fig files. Easy to use with TeX.

Ebnf2ps generates nice looking syntax diagrams in EPS and FIG format from EBNF specifications and from yacc, bison, and Happy input grammars. The diagrams can be immediatedly included in TeX/LaTeX documents and in texts created with other popular document preparation systems.

Extended BNF brings some order to the formal definition of a syntax and will be useful not just for the definition of programming languages, but for many other formal definitions.

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